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The World

The Heart of Europe in Dubai is a cluster of six islands located on The World, a spectacular man-made archipelago located just 4km from Dubai’s coastline.

The World combines 300 small islands reclaimed from the sea and constructed into the shape of a world map. The mind-blowing, one of a kind project has quickly become globally renowned, since hitting the international news in 2003.

The World is a collection of private and resort islands which were exclusively presented and sold to private invitees and Kleindienst Group was proud to be part of this iconic and historic development, not to mention a first for Dubai and the world!

Key Facts about The World Islands

  • It is the world’s only man-made island destination in the shape of the world map.
  • The World was announced by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in May 2003 with the first sand dredged in September of the same year.
  • The development has been formed by placing 320 million cubic metres of sand and 34 billion tonnes of large rocks.
  • The World is made up of approximately 300 small islands reclaimed from the sea.
  • The development adds an additional 232km of beachfront to Dubai’s natural 67km of coastline.
  • The World spans 9km in width and 7km in length and is located 4km off the coast of Dubai.
  • The development covers millions of square feet and is visible to the naked eye from space.
  • The average distance between islands is 100 metres and water depth is 15 metres on average.
  • There are six openings in the breakwater allowing for water flow and circulation.
  • 54km of new rocky reef marine habitat has been added, due to the fact that the area is bursting with marine life.

The Heart of Europe

FREEPHONE: 800 Europe
Saturday to Thursday, 8:30am-8:00pm
Friday, 10:00am-7:00pm

Arenco Tower, 20th Floor,
Dubai Media City, Dubai, UAE

T: +971 4 818 1481
F: +971 4 447 2652


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